Las Tolas

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Rewarding volunteering in a trend-setting community


Brimming with exciting activities for adventurous travelers, a variety of important volunteer and learning opportunities, and a community grassroots reforestation program, Las Tolas is a trend-setting community, deeply rooted in the traditions of its Yumbo ancestors, in the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest of the Andes Mountains.


The Ecuadorian Cloud Forest boasts one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world and Las Tolas is no exception. In this culturally, archaeologically and naturally rich community, volunteers learn about traditional Yumbo culture in an environment of incredible harmony and awe-inspiring beauty.


With Toucans perched high in the trees, rivers and waterfalls littering the landscape, and the archaeological remains of the Yumbo people beneath your feet, Las Tolas is a nature lover´s paradise and the epitome of South American travel.




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Volunteers welcome in 2020 - lots of activities available with the community through the year.  Have a look and get in touch!

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Our natural wonders, warm and welcoming community, and environmentally-focused tourism cooperative ensures that every visitor has an unforgettable experience, and every dollar spent stays in the community of Las Tolas.


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