Las Tolas

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Nearby Day and Weekend Trips

With regular bus service, there are many easy day and weekend trips near Las Tolas. You can take any of these trips any day of the week.


Quito (2.5 hours)

The international travel hub of Ecuador, Quito is brimming with museums, parks, cultural sites, and has all the products and services you would expect of an internationally traveled city.


Equator, Mitad del Mundo (2 hours)

No trip to Ecuador is complete without a visit to the equator!


Tulipe (20 minutes)

Tulipe Yumbo Cultural Museum and ancient Yumbo ruins of ceremonial swimming pools


Panela  & Trago Puro Factory (15 minutes)

Organic sugar cane is naturally processed into bricks (panela) used in traditional Ecuador cuisine and drinks, as well as a type of traditional liquor (trago puro)


Pacto (45 minutes)

Sunday afternoon community gathering spot, river with hiking trails, waterfall and ancient Yumbo petroglyphs, Internet access, discoteca


Mindo (1.5 hours)

World famous for bird watching, rafting, canopy tours, zip lines, tubing, butterfly farms, biking, hiking


Otovalo (4 hours)

Ecuador´s (and arguably South America´s) largest and most important market


Cotopaxi (4 hours)

A huge wildlife refuge, Cotopaxi is one of the best places in Ecuador for backpacking


Papallacta (4.5 hours)

Ecuador´s best hot springs




Mitad del Mundo