Las Tolas

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Your donation to volunteer in Las Tolas is a direct community donation, paid to the treasury of the Community Tourism Cooperative of Las Tolas. There are no middle men, no booking agents, and your donation goes directly towards your host family and grassroots environmental conservation and community development projects. This is a rare opportunity to share your time, experience, and donation in full with the community in which you are living and volunteering.


                Volunteer fee = $22 per person per day


What does my donation include?

Your donation includes your volunteer placement and a flexible volunteer schedule, a private room in a family household in Las Tolas, three traditional Ecuadorian meals per day, and experienced guides for local activities and learning opportunities.


How do we use your contribution?

The Community Tourism Cooperative of Las Tolas is convinced that complete financial transparency is key to the fortification of confidence among members of the community and establishment of friendships and trust with volunteers. Your support of the volunteer program is distributed as follows:

  • $20 Host family

  • $2  Common fund for the community group - environmental conservation and community                                                                                           infrastructure improvements


Our volunteer coordinator, Teresa, works on an unpaid, volunteer basis.


There is no other organization where 100% of your contribution goes directly to the

community of Las Tolas.


The traditional Yumbo dance and dress


The traditional Yumbo dress and dance by the  children of Las Tolas