Las Tolas

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Special Learning Opportunities

You can select a special learning opportunity as a theme of your stay in Las Tolas, or very easily visit any of these activities for an afternoon, or a few days, once you arrive.


  • Organic sustainable community farming  

  • Learn more about medicinal plants

  • Make cheese

  • Panela sugar making (seasonal)

  • Cook typical Ecuadorian cuisine

  • See the local organic coffee plantation

  • Milk cows by hand with your family...an experience not to be missed.

Sugar cane is used to make panela, a local sugar, in this fascinating traditional process.  The sugar canes are crushed and the resultant liquid then heated in vats before being cooled using the paddle, as shown.

Medicinal Plants Panela2_2 Panela3_2 Panela1_2

Coffee is grown in the fields and areas around Las Tolas.  Take this opportunity to see the plants that give you that amazing cup of goodness...and at the right time of year, see the process to pick the beans and get them to the way we recognise them!

IMG_1389 IMG_1410 IMG_1401