Las Tolas

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Working on different community activities


Improving farm lands, improving housing

conditions, building infrastructure,

community education.  The community often

organise a "minga" and get together to

work on or improve an aspect of the

community.  These are often great social

events as well as a sense of achievement to see

what you have accomplished together at the

end of the day.





























Artisan Shop 


A catalyst for change in the community, Artesanias Ecologica was the first group to consciously create an environmentally sustainable source of income in Las Tolas, more than 10 years ago. The group sells modern and traditional jewelry and crafts made from seeds and other materials that they sustainably grow and harvest in the Cloud Forest. The group is directly involved in reforestation efforts, and has strong ties with Fundacion Rescate del Bosque Tropical (FURARE). When you work in their shop, you will learn to make crafts and jewelery, as well as the history of reforestation efforts in Las Tolas, and the indigenous story of the Yumbo people.



















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Volunteer Projects

In Las Tolas, the volunteer projects are as flexible - and as productive - as you are. In addition to everyday family activities, we will create a custom volunteer program for you based on your expressed interests. As a volunteer, you are more than welcome to choose a theme for your stay, try a variety activities, or change projects as you see fit once you arrive in Las Tolas.


  • Re-forestation Project

  • Working on different community activities

  • Creation of footpaths in the cloud forest

  • Working in the plant nursery

  • Organic Farming

  • Artisan Shop

  • Teaching English

  • Special Projects

  • Special Learning Opportunities

Organic Farming


In addition to everyday family farming opportunities in town such as milking cows by hand, feeding farm animals and weeding gardens, Las Tolas also has specialized farming volunteer opportunities.


The organic coffee plantation, is one of the most interesting farms in Las Tolas. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn the entire coffee-making process, from cultivating coffee plants and roasting the beans, to drinking that perfect cup of organic coffee.




Teaching English


Many people in the community are interested, or in the process of learning English.  During your stay, you could give private or community lessons.


There is also the opportunity to teach English in a school in term times - from May to February.

Special Projects


Many volunteers have developed special volunteer projects during their stay in Las Tolas. One volunteer learned to cook Ecuadorian cuisine with the town chef, Hermenia. When she returned to her home country, she held a benefit dinner featuring Ecuadorian cuisine. With the proceeds, she bought a tank of water for the entire community of Las Tolas. We are open to any ideas and suggestions to utilize your special talents or interests.

Community Re-forestation Project


The community have come together and bought a piece of land, where they would like to plant 25,000 trees to grow and use for re-forestation work in the area.  The cloud forest and the trees within them forms a vital part of the life and work of Las Tolas and this re-forestation project will make a big difference.


The community would love volunteer assistance to contribute towards this important project and to the community for years to come.  


Creation of footpaths in the cloud forest


With the aim of conserving the precious cloud forest, but also opening up some of the delights to locals and tourists alike, there is a need for help with the creation of footpaths and traibls through the cloud forest.


Working in the plant nursery


The community group have a shared plant nursey and vegetable garden, which you can work on.  This might

involve planting seeds, harvesting vegetables, weeding or making improvements and signs.


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